Deondre Davis

Deondre Davis

Deondre Davis was born in 1991 in Chicago, Illinois, and lives and works in Los Angeles. He is a self-taught painter and object maker whose main interests lie at the intersections of architecture, space, and identity. These topics inform his practice, which primarily consists of painting, with a focus on abstraction and a meticulous application of colors and textures to convey emotions connected to personal experiences.

Davis’s work is currently on view at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art in London, as part of Finding Aid, an exhibition organized by Matt Connors. In April 2024, Davis and Acacia Marable presented a two-person show, 2 of Amerikas Most Wanted, organized by Keko Jackson at Attom, Los Angeles. He is a co-facilitator, with artist Anima Correa, of Support Group, a working group for artists to reflect and speak about shared experiences. As an extension of their ongoing meetings at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA), they presented break room at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, for the 2023 edition of Made in LA.


Deondre Davis


Through June 16, 2024


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