Caroline Goe

Caroline Goe Conversation: Lynne Tillman, Agosto Machado, and Matthew Higgs

June 5, 2023

Gordon Robichaux is honored to present an exhibition of paintings by Caroline Goe, a mysterious, visionary artist who sold her work on the streets of New York City’s East Village during the 1980s before disappearing sometime in the early 1990s.

Join us for a discussion with Lynne Tillman and Agosto Machado, moderated by Matthew Higgs. Both Tillman and Machado collected Caroline Goe's paintings from the artist. They share their first-hand experiences with Goe and discuss her artwork in advance of White Columns' publication of the first book dedicated to Goe's work.


Lynne Tillman is a novelist, short story writer, and cultural critic based in New York. Her book-length autobiographical essay Mothercare, about caring for her ailing mother for 11 years, was published in 2022. Tillman's most recent novel Men and Apparitions was published in 2018 by Soft Skull Press and a new edition of her 2006 novel American Genius, A Comedy was published by Soft Skull Press in 2019. Tillman writes regularly on art and culture in museum catalogs, artists books, and journals such as Aperture and Frieze. Caroline Goe works from the collection of Lynne Tillman took place at White Columns in 2019.

Agosto Machado is a Chinese-Spanish-Filipino-American performance artist, activist, archivist, muse, caretaker, and friend to countless celebrated and underground visual and performing artists. He has been a vital participant and witness to cultural and creative life in New York since the early sixties from art, theater, performance, and film to social and political counterculture and the dawn of the gay liberation movement. Caroline Goe was included in Agosto Machado: The Forbidden City, an exhibition of Machado’s collections of artwork and ephemera at Gordon Robichaux in 2022.

Matthew Higgs is an artist, writer and the Director and Chief Curator of White Columns: New York's oldest alternative art space. Originally based in the U.K. Higgs has organized more than 300 exhibitions over the past thirty years. Previous curatorial positions include those at the Wattis Institute, San Francisco, and the ICA, London. His writings have appeared in more than 50 books, catalogs and magazines. At White Columns Higgs has become known for his ongoing support of the work of self-taught artists and artists with unconventional histories.

Running time: 64 minutes. Q&A including: Paul Laster, Rene Ricardo, Sur Rodney (Sur), and Peter Acheson. Video


Caroline Goe

May 7–June 25, 2023

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